Polymath Partners with Canadian Corl Financial Technologies

Corl Financial Technologies (Corl) is a blockchain startup that is making financing and investing in companies simpler and more intuitive. Polymath’s mission is to lower the barriers to entry for businesses looking to launch tokenized securities on the blockchain and for investors looking to gain exposure to regulated, asset-backed tokens.

The two companies announced a new partnership on Wednesday.

Corl’s business model was described as follows:

“Corl is using revenue-sharing as a tool to provide financing to high-potential, early-revenue companies.

Revenue-sharing investments, comparable to royalty agreements, are a type of funding whereby investors place capital into a company in exchange for a percentage of its future revenue.

What this means is that instead of paying a fixed rate or accruing interest, the repayment of the loan is tied to monthly revenue. When sales are up, the repayment amount will increase and when sales are down the repayment amount will decrease.

This model will facilitate access to funding for emerging companies without the dilution of voting power or the loss of equity that generally results from outside funding. Entrepreneurs will be able to apply and be approved for a loan without providing collateral and without fear of defaulting on payments that are accruing interest.

Polymath’s partnership with Corl helps to enable the framework to effectively build a securities token.”

Polymath commented in their blog post:

Their CRL token will be the first token issued in Canada to represent equity ownership for token owners. Their company already adheres to national securities laws and international financial reporting standards (IFRS) accounting regulation, but they want the same level of scrutiny for the token. And we’re going to help them achieve that goal with our ST-20 token standard.

Corl recently announced a token airdrop. For more information, visit https://corl.io/airdrop/. For more information about Polymath, visit https://www.polymath.network.


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