Neufund Concludes ICO, Raises 12.5 Million EUR

Neufund is a blockchain-based fundraising platform. It integrates blockchain-based solutions into the existing legal framework, opening the ICO process for all startups.

The company successfully concluded its ICO today, after selling 26,520,727 NEU tokens and raising over 12.5 million EUR. Overall, 1,008 investors contributed to the ICO in 1,472 transactions.

Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz commented:

“Our investors trusted us and underpinned that trust with the capital they put down to support this community-owned fundraising platform, enabling Equity Token Offerings for on- and off-chain companies. We’re working hard to pay back this trust and continue with our mission: To open innovation for good — through the benefits of using Blockchain.”

The token sale, which Neufund calls an “initial capital building mechanism” (ICBM), is unique in several aspects. All of the Ether that was raised from investors during the ICBM still belongs to those investors. It is stored in a smart contract and is ready to be used for investing in companies once the Neufund Platform opens. According to the company, investors retain full control over their investment decisions, and are entitled to the economic co-ownership of the entire platform.

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