MindSports and Experty Announce Partnership

MindSports is a decentralized social gaming network for intellectual sports such as chess, checkers, xiangqi, bridge and Go. 

Experty.io is the first decentralized, blockchain-based platform for paid consultations.

The two companies announced a new partnership yesterday. Players participating on the MindSports platform will be able to contact private coaches using the Experty app and get personalized advice.

Experty CEO Kamil Przeorski commented on the partnership:

“Experty is excited about partnering with MindSports IO. We can really see millions of players get expert advice and improve their game performance. Experty app can bring valuable feedback and access to experts around the globe for a player to improve and attain results.”

In addition to the integration of the Experty app, MindSports tokens will be integrated into the Experty application.

The MindSports token pre-sale is currently on-going. For more information, visit https://www.mindsports.io/. The Experty ICO dates are yet to be announced. For more information, visit https://www.experty.io/.



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