ETHLend Partners with Eidoo Wallet for Its Token Sale introduces decentralized lending on Ethereum network by using ERC-20 compatible tokens or Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains as a collateral. ETHLend solves the problem on reducing the loss of loan capital on default.

ETHLend announced a strategy partnership with crypto wallet Eidoo. The partnership will consist of the use of Eidoo’s recently announced ICO Engine, which ETHLend will use to launch the LEND token sale.

ETHLend will use Eidoo wallet exclusively for its  token sale on November 25, 2017. The company believes the Eidoo wallet will provide a simpler and more secure experience for ICO participants.

The ETHLend ICO will be the first token sale to use the Eidoo ICO Engine after Eidoo itself performed a successful ICO with the platform. 

The ETHLend ICO starts on November 25, 2017, and ends on December 9, 2017. For more information, visit



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