CIF Adds CryptoCoin.News Chief Editor Simon Cocking as Advisor

The Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF) is a community project to help businesses learn, understand and implement cryptocurrency solutions through education and SaaS offerings – all aimed at making business acceptance of cryptocurrency seamless & pain free.

The company announced today that it has added Simon Cocking to its advisory board. Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News and Editor-in-Chief at He has been listed on multiple fintech, blockchain, & data security influencer lists over the last 12 months.

Cocking will advise CIF on promotion, endorsement, strategy, and media, as well as sharing his insights from over successful 20 ICO campaigns he has worked on.

Speaking of his motivation for joining CIF as advisor, Cocking commented:

“CIF wants to encourage more businesses to use crypto currency. This is a logical and smart idea to pursue, so I felt it was a project that has value and an achievable goal.

“They also have a large, active and growing telegram group which is always a good indicator that other people see the value of their concept too.”

The CIF ICO is currently in progress and will conclude on January 1, 2018. For more information, visit


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