CanYa Announces Partnership with Giveth

CanYa is a global blockchain-powered marketplace of home and digital services. 

Giveth is a non-profit blockchain-based platform designed to re-engineer the incentive structure used for charitable giving.

On Monday, CanYa announced its plans to fully integrate Giveth into the CanYa platform. This will allow providers and customers on the CanYa platform to directly contribute to a charitable campaign of their choosing, while knowing exactly how their donations are being used.

In addition, CanYa has changed its Asset Contract so that 10% of platform fees are allocated to the charity pool. The CanYa Asset Contract escrows the CAN tokens for disbursement to selected charities, of which Giveth is the first.

CanYa CEO John-Paul Thorbjornsen commented:

“From our perspective, we believe in tithing 10% of the CanYa Asset Contract to charity such as Giveth, as altruism is an important and needed facet of society. We will be encouraging all of our partners to consider the same and give to those less fortunate.

“The amazing aspect of Giveth is that the donation trail is entirely transparent, and we feel that this will encourage more giving in future.”

The CanYa ICO is currently in progress. For more information, visit


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