John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): Today we have an interview with the founder and CEO of one of the most visible and talked about ICOs that are coming up in the next month. It’s Kamil Przeorski from Experty. Let’s dive right in. Can you tell me what problem are you looking to solve with Experty?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): There are two problems really that we are going to solve and that I see there are like a very worth to solve. So the first problem is not related to the blockchain and second is related. Let me start with the first, how we got the idea. I’m consulting myself software development, I wrote a book about React, we have a software consulting company, I’m writing over on Quora, over 1 million views of my articles.

So basically I discovered that the problem is that there is a lack of incentive to share your mobile phone with strangers online and basically that means that when I for example make a video on YouTube and people watch my video on YouTube or I write an article and people read my article some of them may have additional follow-up questions and maybe would be interested to do get some consultations. Because when I was writing those programming-related articles, people were trying to reach me over email and they wasted a lot of time just trying to reach me. And I wasn’t interested really, because I was so busy and so many emails I was getting that I was too busy to answer their questions also. I realized that there is a gap between my articles on Quora and amount of demand, people who need follow-up questions to my articles, and there is no tool to incentivize people like me and anyone basically who is in consulting.

Because article can be equivalent to your LinkedIn profile. So maybe when someone visits your LinkedIn profile and then you don’t read. For example I’m not really reading my LinkedIn email because there is so much spam. So basically I was thinking about creating this tool that can incentivize people to share their phone number with strangers online so strangers can very quickly reach you and you can make some additional revenue.

Because what I realized with my articles on Quora, I left a lot of money on the table because there is no tool to monetize your online presence. So this is what Experty is from the business perspective and what problem we’re trying to solve. So we want to incentivize people online to share their mobile mobile members. In this case it will be like a username Skype where you can directly call to your mobile. So it’s very similar to WhatsApp.

And the second problem, it’s more related with the blockchain. So what we realize as well is there there are experts in some areas of the world where there is no access to PayPal, there is no access to banking. So basically those talents are wasted because there’s so many use cases that you can share knowledge about and it’s very hard to send and agree on the price upfront. So we we want to solve this problem that there are experts in different parts in the world and we automate all the billing hassle because it’s very hard to to agree.

Let’s say you want to climb Kilimanjaro. You are US citizen or UK citizen and you want to climb Kilimanjaro mountain and this is very expensive to go through all the middleman because there’s a huge business around this. There is someone living next to the Kilimanjaro. This person has access to Internet and making for example YouTube videos about the mountain and stuff around it. But this person doesn’t have access to the bank account.

So the idea is that this person can create just with Internet access his wallet with the calling abilities, make YouTube videos, people can discover that this person making videos about Kilimanjaro on YouTube. And then they can see oh if you have more question if you plan to climb Kilimanjaro or whatever. The use case is just example use case, but basically call me here. And then people can connect each other and they don’t have to waste time and it’s very productive and anyone can do it.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): Okay so it seems like you’ve got a very broad vision of who could be an expert, everybody from blockchain experts down to very local guides. Do you have an idea of how big this could be as a business opportunity?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): We did the calculation and of course we have big ambition. But I think it’s it’s very unknown how much per one person, per one user, what what will be monthly spending per user. But we did the calculation and basically we assume in those calcualtions that it will be around two thousand dollars. Because some people will do a lot and some people will do a very small amount. But basically the conclusion, if there will be 10 million users or something, not Experty fees but basically the turnaround can be even the comparison number to what turnaround are for the biggest companies in the world. So we hope that from the turnaround perspective it can be like top company in the world within next 10 years. So this is our goal and you know 21st century is all about knowledge and I think the digital consultation market can grow even more.

But we want to step down to the ground. We focus now on the crypto and the blockchain. Our goal is to have 100,000 users in first year from the blockchain and crypto space. And we want to make very strong foundation in that space because technology is not ready to scale and so on, so we need to take time to develop the technology of course.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): You’ve told me a little bit already about the background of the idea behind Experty. Can you tell me more about your specific experience that’s relevant to building out this idea and a little bit more about your team?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): Yeah so we we have very experienced team from technical side that already works with each other for four years. Some team members three years, some two, because we founded almost four years ago a software consulting company here in Poland. Before we started developing Experty we had already 10 developers and now all those developers are working on Experty exclusively so we don’t do any other consulting work.

So our advantage is that we already have assembled the team which know how to work together because we made a lot of different mobile and web applications. Basically, from my perspective I am in the marketing field for almost for ten years. Because I started very early doing some online marketing and all that time I was passionate about internet marketing, about business and basically I’m very happy that we have this opportunity to build this great idea. And we hope that it will spread out along the time and it will resonate with people. Not only people in the crypto space but also later on when the UX and scaling issues will be.

But basically we have very good background from the technical perspective. And this is also very good, when we got traction with Experty many people with sales and marketing background also reached out to us and want to join the project. So what we’re focusing now is to build the sales and marketing team to be ready to scale the marketing efforts after the ICO itself. So I’m very happy that we got enough traction before the ICO that people basically did the research, many hours of research about the project, they send us email “I want to be part of the your team.” So that’s that’s good. We even haven’t opened the job position yet, so that that’s a good sign for the project that people with sales and marketing background want to join this this project and this is very good sign for me. It’s very good.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): So your your team is really filling out both from the technical and and the sales and marketing end. What can you tell me about the advisers that you have on board?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): Basically we started conferences in May and June. I was on many many conferences in United States, in Europe. From there we started expanding our advisory. So we have of course you know Bitcoin Suisse, Nikolai on advisory board. I know that many people because of the KYC AML we’re doing, they are not happy with Bitcoin Suisse, but this is very important company in the space, because they are bringing more — I mean crypto is still like Wild West — but Bitcoin Suisse is bringing more regulatory stuff to the space and making companies like Experty more regulated in terms of effort.

And they are one of the longest company in space. So this company is big brand in the world and we basically they are our advisors and they also going to use Experty. So this is very important from the strategic partnership that you will be able to call Bitcoin Suisse also through Experty. So this is very important strategic partner for us.

And we have Jason King, we have Craig Sellars. If you check our website we have quite amount of advisors. We have influencers like Josh Olszewicz, he has one of the biggest YouTube channel about trading on YouTube, big following on Twitter. He joined our advisory very early on. We met each other in Washington and Expertly was totally unknown, there were no followers, but he was very happy to join. I am very glad for his help.

We have Moe Levin. We have many people. If you check our website. High profile people as well. Ethereum Foundation developer, one of the earlier ones, is part of us. We’re trying to build out and if you check also our Medium blog post, the Dollar Vigilante also joined in an ambassador role. He is very big figure on YouTube as well.

We want to build out of course our influencers as well but we we prepared also some kind of marketing that this application can be used by normal people like me and you in crypto who are not like very known. I feel strong on that part.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): You mentioned that Bitcoin Suisse is going to actually be using Experty. They’re not only an adviser to you but they’re going to be using the actual platform as well. I know that you have some other partnerships with other companies. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): We have partnership with with News BTC. So they are going to have additional contact channel on their website. Now you can email News BTC, “Hey maybe you can cover my startup or whatever,” then you need to wait for the response and now we will have a pilot program which News BTC, which is one of the biggest news websites, about how it will work out for them. So we will see.

We have some other partners like Safex and also and we have other bigger partnership also on the way. But to be honest we don’t want to announce them all pre ICO, because we’re working also to get enough steam power after the ICO.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): In regards to the product itself, I know that you’re developing the product as we speak. Can you tell me how far along you are?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): We’re testing the alpha version and basically currently we’re optimizing some some calling features. Now you can install the application, you can make the call and you can get paid. We’re trying to make the flow quicker from the user UX perspective. So we’re improving this part right now. Basically the whole functionality is working out and it’s during internal tests on Android and because we’re using React Native if it will be quite quickly moved to other platforms as well.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): Do you have a schedule for the actual release?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): Of course. If you check out our roadmap, we have beginning of second quarter a market release. But we want to release quicker for the community. So end of this month, beginning of February. the release can be done. Still closed, but for the people who will participate in the token sale.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): I know that you answered this question a little bit earlier but can you walk me specifically through why you’re actually launching a token and how the token is going to function within the Experty platform?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): From the blockchain perspective it’s clear. Also I would add that blockchain is giving us flexibility from the perspective that we are not money transmitter, we don’t keep private keys, so this is very also important from the legal perspective. And from the token economics, the token is here to incentivize people to use the platform. So basically this is like a loyalty program. We also will use those tokens to bring other influencers to the platform. Because we create like an affiliate program which will basically bring people on board with Experty and we need this token to make it real.

Of course, you can do the same with US dollars like some. But in the crypto world where we target right now, people love to talk about tokens and so on so we treat it like a very important part from the growth perspective. Each call will require Experty, even if you would like to call with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and then at the end of the month, we’ll give everyone Experty tokens. So any knowledge provider who makes money will be paid in Experty tokens and those tokens will be reused in the affiliate program that we are working on. So the idea is that this token will create an incentive to spread the word about the application, of course, and make people more loyal and more engaged to the community itself. This is the biggest important reason why I think having the token here is important. Because it will create a more decentralized approach for marketing. So in the past, when you wanted to make a good product you had to hire your sales team, marketing team in-house, and people outside your product they had no incentive you know to to do something.

And if you can check with proof-of-caring right now it makes a huge impact everywhere in the world. So for example, people making conferences and meetups about Experty in Barcelona. I just yesterday was on the call with people from Croatia, Split. They did a meetup, like 70 people, about this proof-of-caring. Also very important part for the success of this product will be the fact that we will implement similar mechanism like proof-of-caring post-ICO. So we want to incentivize people to spread the word even more after. So the word will spread the word even faster than with the regular product that don’t have a token. So this is my biggest point for this token and I believe this is very important for this product at all to be successful.

This ICO game is a lot of, you know, crap. Many tokens are just “I want to raise money” but I think from what I see, this proof-of-caring concept is changing the game. Because if you will check the ICOs that got done one year ago then they were just raising money and “Here is your token and go away. Take your token and we don’t care.” And with proof-of-caring, this token will have significant role. So it won’t be just tradable token or whatever. It will be a new tool to incentivize people to talk about Experty later. So I think this proof-of-care plus token is it will play a big role into the success of Experty product.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): Can you tell me actually what are the specific details of the ICO? When is it kicking off? Is there a pre-sale?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): We do this proof-of-caring so maybe I will explain what is proof-of-caring if people don’t know yet. So proof-of-caring was invented not long ago, in November, October maybe, by CEO of Quantstamp. His name is Jack Ma. I hope I pronounce his first name correct. And basically it’s the idea that instead of getting the bonuses because you join the ICO quicker. Like with the Basic Attention Token, I don’t know if you are familiar, but there was an issue that there were thousands and thousand people wanting to get into their ICO but only the top fastest two blocks, 150 addresses, got in. So that was the issue of prioritizing people who can join me the token at the ICO.

And basically with proof-of-care it changes a lot. Because we give people bonus who who cared the most of about the product. So for example if someone did the conference about Experty or meetup in Spain and spread the word in Spanish community we gave him the highest bonus because he spent a lot of time doing it. This bonus is compensating their engagement but also this proof-of-care really rewards people who care the most about the project. Of course, some people do the proof-of-care because of the bonus but you know it’s a normal thing.

You need to join the proof-of-caring to join the pre-sale. Because we already have a very huge amount of people trying to join. Without the proof- of-care probably it wouldn’t be possible to join, just come from the street like in the past ICOs. So it’s very important, and there is four days left to do your proof-of-care. And of course, we’re also using Bitcoin Suisse so you need to register to Bitcoin Suisse and basically you need to check there. Visit our website and check details for how to join there. Check our Telegram group. ask questions there if you have any and they’re following questions.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): So basically four more days for people to join the proof-of-care program and then the ICO is going to kick off on which date?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): So probably will stop on pre-ICO, and pre-ICO kicks off on 22nd of January. So in 12 days from now, but you can submit your proof-of-caring till 15th. So you have four or five days to join the proof-of-care because if you won’t join you probably won’t be able to join later on because it will be too late. There is very low cap.

John Bejakovic (CoinWatch): Basically they need to join the proof-of-care to join the ICO, and for anybody who’s interested they should just go to your website. You mentioned Telegram as well. Any other places that they should look for information about Experty?

Kamil Przeorski (Experty): For communication we use mostly Medium for announcements and Telegram for chatting. We’re trying to have always an admin on there. And of course check our FAQ, frequently asked questions, on the website before asking questions, because most of the answers are there.


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