Editorial Policy

Thank you for your interest in sharing your news through CoinWatch. We report industry news regarding companies undergoing ICOs. Below you will find the types of stories we cover, how you can submit your news to us, and what added information we might need from you before we can publish your story.

CoinWatch News Coverage Focuses on:

1. New advisors or senior team members

2. New partnerships with other companies or organizations

3. Large new investors

4. Completed results of token pre-sales or main sales (ICO)

5. On rare occasions, other items we deem to be significant

How to Share Your News:

1. We accept formal press releases, as well as less formal blog posts or news summaries that cover one of the topics listed above

2. You can notify us of your news by sending an email to:

Our News Coverage Methodology:

1. We do not simply republish company press releases. Instead, we write our own articles using the information you provide as a starting point

2. Because of this, we will reach out to other involved parties (such as new advisors or investors) to confirm the details of the story and to get additional comments

3. When we publish a story, we will name all relevant parties that have confirmed their involvement in the headline

Our 24-Hour Response Policy:

1. Because we are a news agency, we aim to cover stories as quickly as possible

2. If our request for additional information does not get a response within 24 hours, we may decide to not publish a story at all, or to publish it with a note informing our readers that we have attempted to verify the details but haven’t heard back from the relevant parties

Our Article Deletion/Modification:

1. Once we publish an article, we cannot delete it

2. We will not make changes to a published article unless it contains factual errors. To inform us about a factual error in one of our articles, please write to:

If you have any questions related to these policies, please contact either of our editors directly:

John Bejakovic

Kris Csuzi